My consultant tells me that tru guarantees the lowest rates. How is that possible?

First, TRU is registered directly with Visa/Mastercard through ChasePaymentech. This means that we can buy the rate as cheap or cheaper than any other company. Also, no other company offers the rates we do with the same level of service, period.

The rates we offer will be lower than 90% of all competitors. That means that 90% of the time you get a lower quote, a brochure in the mail, or a phone call that we can show you where how in fact you would spending more to switch to them. For the other 10% that may actually be less expensive, there is no way they will be able to offer the same level of service. However, tru will still beat their rates. Simply provide a proposal from a competitor.

TRU will do a free analysis of the proposal with your current rate. If in fact the offered rate is lower tru will match or beat it. We’d much prefer to lose a few dollars a month than to lose your account completely and risk never receiving another referral from you.

What information does tru need from me to determine how much money I can save and what other services I can benefit from?

Saving you money is simple. Just provide your consultant with a current processing statement and he/she can usually work up the savings within a few minutes. You can learn more about our other services by researching them on this site, reading over one of our brochures, or by talking with one of our educated consultants.

Our consultant can make recommendations on other services after listening to the desires you have for your business and by asking you a few simple questions.




















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