In addition to enjoying the guaranteed lowest rates, clients of TRU automatically qualify to receive free consulting on how to build their businesses.

For example, most businesses do not realize that with TRU’s help they can take advantage of some of the same marketing strategies utilized by national chains to attract new customers and increase customer retention.
> Starbucks Corporation attracts new customers by mailing out gift cards loaded with a “surprise” amount of $5, $25, or $50 to targeted areas. People are more likely to visit a store, and to not throw away a card, if it could be worth as much as $50. TRU’s clients can load cards for any amount they like. The amount clients load onto a card is more of a coupon and does not come out of the client’s account. The client can then distribute these cards to certain target markets or to new people moving into an area as a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift.

> Victoria’s Secret targets many of their current customers and entices them into coming multiple times a month by mailing out a gift card good for a free small item. While picking up the free item the customer is then notified of a current promotion. If a customer is to purchase a certain amount of product then they are awarded with a gift card with a surprise amount of $10, $50, $100, or $500 that can only be redeemed the following month.

The method works great for getting customers to create a habit of coming into the store on a regular basis.
Contact your TRU consultant to fully customize a program to fit your specific needs. This additional service if offered FREE of charge for all clients utilizing TRU for credit card processing services.




















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