If you’ve got it then we can probably work with it.
If you want it then we can probably get it.

Can you tell we like to keep things simple? Being an independent consulting company gives us tremendous flexibility and freedom to offer and work with just about any and every service available to payment processing. This means that we can do just about anything you want and need.

Here’s some typical questions that we receive on a weekly basis:

I’m new to processing. Will you help me get set up?
I’m the best negotiator and have been using credit cards for 20 years. Do you really think you can beat my rate?
Can I process payments with my phone?
Can I process payments at home?
Will you show me how to use gift cards to attract more patients?
Can you reprogram my Omni 3200?
Can you help me process payments on my website?
Can I order supplies thru you?
Can you set me up with gift cards?
Are you compatible with Quickbooks Pro?
Can you help me be PCI compliant?
If I find a better rate will you beat it?
Can I use the same bank account?
If a customer writes me multiple checks can I hold them but still have them guaranteed?
If I refer you someone will you pay me?
Is your whole staff ALWAYS this nice?

And the TRU answer to all the questions above is YES.




















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