Before you realize why TRU is different you may think we
have a lot of competition.

Once you realize why TRU is different you will realize that we have NO competition.

While most companies proclaim to be the best there is not one company that can be the best and offer everything a business needs. That’s what makes TRU different. We don’t tout one company as being the best. We listen to what you want and place you with the companies that best suit your needs. While the best solution for your business may have you using software from one company, credit card processing from a second, and check processing from a third, you will only have to call TRU for all of your support and questions.

As a savvy business owner you are probably telling yourself:
“If I want the best program for credit card processing, and possibly check guarantee or gift cards, I really don’t want to interview 3-5 different vendors for each service. That could mean dealing with up to 15 sales people! I really wish I could find 1 consulting firm who would negotiate the guaranteed lowest rates for me. Ideally this firm would handle everything for me, including keeping me up to date with the most efficient ways to process, and teaching me secrets utilized by national chains to effectively market and build my business. Does a company really exist that will make my life easier AND save me money?”

This company DOES exist. Its TRU!

Many customers, and even our competitors, often wonder how we remain profitable. Yes we operate off of a small profit margin and we spend a good amount of resources of providing exceptional service. Having a philosophy of putting the clients before TRU we are able to retain our clients much longer and receive many more referrals.

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